Traveling With Food Allergies

Recently I was out with a group of friends for dinner at a downtown restaurant in Toronto. As always, it’s good to get together with friends, family, co-workers or peers, to catch up and share stories. So it wasn’t an unusual setting for one of the ladies to mention that she has severe seafood allergies and would appreciate it if none of us ordered anything with seafood. We all, with concern, immediately went into panic mode. Not because we needed to eat seafood at that particular meal. But, what do we do now? The questions started pouring out of us, like water from a tap.

  • Do you carry an Epi-Pen?
  • Does this restaurant cater to people with allergies?
  • Have you had an anaphylactic attack before?
  • What about the people at the next table, how close is too close?

Having lived with this for most of her life, she was only too happy to answer all of our questions after she removed the Epi-pen from her purse and placed it on the table beside her. That evening we all got a full lesson in how to deal with someone who has an allergic attack, and also how to administer the Epi-pen.

Dealing with any medical emergency is a frightening experience for anyone, but knowing the emergency number to call, the anticipated response time, and being aware of how close the nearest hospital, does offer some comfort. Now imagine being in a foreign country, where the answer to those dilemmas are not quite as apparent.

This evenings lesson gave me something to think about, much closer to my personal interest. Traveling with food allergies can be tricky, and this shouldn’t mean that you stay away from travel. It just means that you may need to take a bit more time in planning for your trip in advance to make sure that your trip is safe.

    • Keep your medications (Epi-pen) with you, and carry a Dr’s note that states the necessity of these medications. ** IMPORTANT – show epinephrine visually to the Custom Officer, since the effects of X-Ray machines are not known.**
    • Check to see if the restaurant you will be visiting caters to food allergies, and if they cook certain foods separately.
    • Carry an Allergy Alert Card – This explains to your server and to the chef what exactly you have allergies to, so they can advise you correctly with the precautions that have or have not taken.
  • Write out an emergency plan in case you do suffer from an allergic response. This will alert others as to what to do and decrease the panic that may ensue.

It would also be wise to mention to the Insurance company, that you do have food allergies. Questions will be asked to whether you have suffered a recent anaphylactic attack, or been hospitalized, but it is always good to be up front with this information, so that they have all the information when they issue your policy.

As you can see, that even after taking all the necessary steps, mishaps can still happen, and you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. So another important part of the planning process would be to include trip interruption/cancellation as part of your travel package.

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Wonderful Vacation Amid History, Culture, and Splendid Nature in Hyderabad

There is truly no limit to what Hyderabad brings to the table. The capital of Andhra Pradesh is a large hub of craftsmanship, engineering, literature, and food. One of the fundamental centres of the Indian Silicon valley trinity, Hyderabad is indeed a shangri-la for voyagers with a heart to explore and learn. Lying on the banks of Musi River, Hyderabad is a city humming with numerous activities. This spot has history, it has culture, it has charm, it has style, and it has a thumping heart.

There is a considerable number of landmarks, bazaars, libraries, entertainment centres, and tourist places in Hyderabad. In antiquated times, In the era long gone, Hyderabad was a major hub of trading precious stones and pearls. Around fifteenth century, the city was set up under the administration of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahi, who was a sultan of Shahi dynasty of Golconda. After seventeenth century, the city was controlled by the Nizams, famously known as “Nizam of Hyderabad”. They governed the city, after they signed a treaty with British Empire for very nearly two centuries.

It had been a battleground for control and power for long and today, it has a story to tell. Beginning with the spots that remain as relics to history, there is the Mecca Masjid, which is built out of single stone during the rule of Muhammad Qutb Shah’s, the Charminar amidst Charkaman is built as a dedication to plague victims, and finally the eminent Golconda Fort that is the most novel and deftly constructed fort complex you’d ever see. It truly takes the visitors back into the time that is long gone.

The reverential souls might have an excellent time since this city manages plentiful chances to enjoy your otherworldly selves. Among the mosques, other than the Mecca Masjid, there is the Paigah Masjid exhibiting its stunning Spanish engineering. If you are looking for temples, Hyderabad has a good concentration of temples as well. It has the Birla temple, Sanghi temple, Jagannath Wargal Saraswati temple, Chilkur Balaji temple, and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple. These are dazzling spots that will put a vexed soul to rest. There’s additionally the entrancing Ratnalayam temple which houses an impressive idol of Lord Venkateshwara. For those craving to learn from their visit, this city has the Salar Jung Museum, Surendrapuri Museum, AP State Archaeological Museum and the City Museum. These offer you a whole universe of facts and relics.

There’s the Purani Haveli, European styled Bella Vista, and King Kothi Palace, all counting amongst the major highlights of Hyderabad tourism. For voyagers with the craving for waterside calmness, there are the Hussain Sagar, Durgam Cheruvu, Osman Sagar, Himayat Sagar, Rukn Ud Daula Lake, Shamirpet Lake, and the Saroornagar Lake. For those who love walking along patio nursery and relaxing amid blossoming flowers, there’s additionally a great deal in here. Hyderabad has the NTR Gardens, the Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Gardens, the Indira Park, the Lumbini Park, the Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park, the Lotus Pond. Individuals who love nature need not to feel left here. You have the Mrugavani and KBR National Parks other than the Nehru Zoological Park with its natural richness. For those who are in the city with friends with a plan for only immaculate fun, there’s the fantabulous Ramoji Film City and the Shilparamam expressions other than Keesara and Rachakonda.

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Packing Tips That Would Make Your Life Easy

Nearly everyone loves traveling around the world. But hardly anyone wants to pack for their trip. That is how tricky packing might be for many. Some of us tend to leave this nightmarish task till the very last moment. Others would constantly stress over it and would try to take a very long time in successfully packing for their entire trip. Of course, what you eventually decide to put in your luggage depends upon where you’re off to.

Packing is never as difficult as it appears. Like any aspect of traveling, it does require a rigorous planning without which you’re likely to miss out on something. There are a lot of puzzles that travelers have to solve once they begin packing. We’ll help you to merrily solve all of these!

1. Checklist
Yes, you’ve been packing wrong all your life. It is still appalling to witness travelers trying to pack without preparing a checklist. Not doing so is certainly going to increase your chances of going wrong. Therefore, when it’s time to pack, take a good time in preparing a checklist. Write all the items that you would potentially need on your trip. Once that checklist is made, lay down all the items infront of you to examine if you really need to carry them along. Take out any extra item. Once done, start ticking the items that have landed in your luggage!

2. Methods to Pack
Since the space will be confined, you need to find effective ways to get more storage space. How you pack your items have a huge significance! For backpackers, rolling the clothes works out to be ideal. For items that you’re not worried about having wrinkles, it is an excellent way to add more space to your luggage. In this way, the smaller items can fit in easily inside the larger ones without consuming any space.
Folding can also help you to secure more space. Two garments can be easily folded together in order to take less area. Since each item now has some cushion, they’re less likely to be damaged in this manner.

3. Baggage Policy
It would be a misery to assume anything. To be on the safer side, it is essential to learn about the baggage policy of the airline before you begin traveling. Airlines are often tricky when it comes to these charges. In order to avoid any awkward situation for yourself, it would be good to know what your airline charges.

4. Choose the garments sensibly
While a lot of us want to be safe when it comes to packing, it is important to choose the garments carefully. Depending upon the weather conditions, opt for clothing that can be used with multiple combinations. In this way, you wouldn’t have to face the misery of over packing. Traveling light is what every traveler must aim for.

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Best Tips for Traveling With Family and Friends

Group traveling is most certainly one of the best ways of experiencing a new destination. Because more is mostly merrier, the experience is matchless to any other. Your trip becomes so much more happening and with so many smart minds working together, a lot of traveling goals can be easily achieved.

The best kind of group traveling is to travel with your family and friends. Because you already know them too well, it is an advantage because you’d realistically know what to expect from them.

One of the best memories of your life would be to travel with your loved ones. If you’re traveling with both family and friends on your next domestic or international trip, here are some of the tips you may wish to consider.

1. Have a Detailed Conversation

Conversations are extremely important before beginning your trip. When it comes to group traveling, the most difficult aspect is the planning part. Because putting everyone in one place is often a difficult task, you have to make the effort of somehow conversing with them.

However, this discussion is extremely important. Through this, you’d get to know what each one of them prefers. This way, it would be easier to plan a trip that makes everyone super happy! While you’re planning, it is important to ensure that everyone has a voice, especially the introverted ones!

2. Create the Musts

Creating the must-see and must-do is how to go on about it. Ultimately, this would help you to create a successful itinerary for your trip. No matter what destination you’re traveling to, there would be a lot of things to see and experience. Since everyone will have different preferences, there is a lot you can achieve by putting everyone’s desires in the travel journal. This journal would be your ultimate guideline in planning a wonderful trip.

3. Always have an Alternate Plan

The toughest part of the group travel is that you can never be certain of what might happen on your trip. Because the number of people is going to be more, your plans might not go as you’ve expected.

Therefore, devising a plan B is extremely important if you wish to be successful on your travels. This is going to maintain the quality of your trip instead of letting everyone get disappointed with the entire experience.

4. Trip Planning Services

Despite your best travel expertise, group planning can often become tricky. Therefore, hiring professional travel planning services can help you a great deal for devising the most sensible plans.

These travel services would give you a realistic check of the time you’d have and how you can potentially put them to a great use. One of the best reasons for hiring these travel services is that they’re used to finding bundle discounts when it comes to hotels and airfares. This can help you to save big on your trip with your family and friends.

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Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Programme

Keeping the organisation’s customers and employees happy has been proved as a secret mantra for a successful venture. With that respect, organisations historically have used diverse rewards and recognition programs to help their employees achieve their business goals and objectives. Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive program, recognition program or a loyalty program, which is a business tool designed to change consumer behaviour to improve profit, cash flow, employee engagement and customer engagement. This also fosters loyalty and encourages the best talent of an organisation to work towards the overall development of the company.

In the recent times, it has been evident that incentive travel programme is on the rise for the augmentation of an organisation. However planning and executing a successful incentive programme is not a cakewalk, rather it needs expertise and knowledge. The few tips given below might come handy in planning a successful incentive travel programme. Read on.

    • Meeting Management
      There is a major trend towards planning shorter trips and selecting all-inclusive resorts because of the reduced costs as well as ease for guests. However, without the presence of the planner, it is difficult to achieve the goals and objectives of a meeting. It is always important to have your event planner on site, as they are competent enough to plan a meeting successfully. A meeting planner with experience can leverage his or her existing relationships with vendors earned through coordinating programs, thereby assuring a fruitful outcome. In addition, because they do this on a daily basis, they know what types of concessions to look for in contracts such as complimentary Wi-Fi and planning visits, reduced fees on items such as A/V equipment, food/beverage, and so on.


    • Attendees want a Connection, and to Feel Welcome
      Although over-scheduling activities for an incentive trip will take away the reward element, attendees still want to feel connected and have options for activities. A properly planned incentive tour programme with host of activities not only makes a connection, but also allows the attendees to have some relaxed and fun time during the expedition. A proficient event planner makes sure that the attendees have a memorable time by indulging in various activities without eliminating the real essence of the meeting.


    • Plan Early
      It is highly recommended that an incentive travel programme should be planned well in advance. Although, a typical meeting planning process should start six months to one year in advance, yet it depends on the size, scope and location of the event. Incentive travel requires extra time to build excitement among the members, thus making everyone to work hard to be a part of the programme. Planning in advance also allows eligible team members a chance to “earn it”.


    • Be Cognizant of your Brand
      One common area of confusion is whether to have a separate logo for your event, or to simply use your organisational brand logo. As a general rule, a company has a brand, while an event has a theme that supports the brand. However, often at times, there may be a sub-brand, such as a conference logo and theme. These branded elements should be reflected on every attendee touch-point, from the registration website and info on site, to lobby signage, the stage, collateral, post-event surveys, and the likes. To ensure the sub-brand is successfully integrated, it is vital to determine if it can work together with the primary brand without competing against each other and creating confusion. In some cases, it may make sense to let the conference logo take the spotlight, especially at a time when organizations are under the microscope, when it comes to budget.


  • Have a Goal
    The most important thing is to set a goal for an incentive tour programme. It is always important to identify what you want the attendees to leave with. Whether you want them to acquire some new knowledge, a fresh outlook on the company, or simply come back to work feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic; setting a goal plays a vital role in the success of a programme. Incentives programmes can be your highest touch-point of the year as it helps a lot in retention of your best employees. As, retention is important for your business, take that time to show them that they are valued and how they contribute positively to the enhancement of the company.
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How to Spot an Excellent Family Holiday Resort

One thing that many families love to do every year is get away on a family break. This is not only the chance to spend some quality tie together, but also the opportunity to broaden horizons by travelling abroad or to a new part of the country. Whether the holidaymakers want to relax or want to explore, a holiday is the perfect time to do these activities.

However, getting away on holiday can be very expensive and for this reason it pays to be very thrifty when you are looking for a good holiday on a budget. Here are a few tips on how to spot the best all inclusive family resorts anywhere in the world, ensuring you get value for money and you all enjoy your holiday together.

One of the first signs of the best all inclusive family resorts is the fact that they offer a lot of family friendly packages, and this means offering great value for money. The best resorts will know that families often have much tighter budget than other holidaymakers such as couples or singles. For this reason, look for a company that seems to offer a deal that was created with you in mind.

This can save you a significant amount of money, and considering that many packages include full board, excursions, accommodation and other bonuses, chances are you will have saved a great deal compared to having organised and booked everything separately yourself.

With that said, price is certainly not the only thing that indicates value for money, and you should also look at the variety of activities for both children and adults to see if the resort is really going to keep everyone in your family entertained.

Many of the best all inclusive resorts will often provide a number of different clubs and activities for children, whether these are dancing clubs, painting clubs, sports clubs or something entirely different. In any case, you can rest assured that your children will be occupied and also doing stimulating activities so adults can have their fun or relaxation elsewhere.

The best resorts will of course also serve adults and this is why you can often find lounge bars right by the swimming pool, excursions such as water sports or hiking trips and much, much more. The best resorts are the ones that cater to everyone in your family, so no one spends a boring moment there.

The next sign of quality to look for is that security is a top priority for the holiday resort you are considering. This is mostly because of the fact that kids and adults will be enjoying themselves separately and they also therefore parents can worry about their children’s safety.

There are some truly gorgeous resorts all over the world, yet not every country might feel very secure and therefore doing your research beforehand is important. Aim to find out the safety and security measures in place before you book, so that when you arrive you can let go of any worry and truly unwind.

You can often judge the resort that you are thinking of booking on the levels of security present as well as the variety of fun things to do, the reasonably priced packages and the careful consideration of everything that a family might need.

If you are unsure about how to go about finding a great resort such as the one mentioned here, present your travel agent with a list of your needs and requirements so that they can help you find the perfect break together as a whole family. When presented with a shortlist of options, you can then choose your resort based on the above guidelines as well as your own criteria.

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Travel Alerts for Western Travelers

Dear Reader, this is not meant to be a political post, but merely to point out that we are only too familiar with the term – “If our neighbour coughs, we catch a cold.” So the irresponsible rhetoric we are hearing from our southern neighbours has got to stop. Comments like, “If our enemy hates us, then we have to take care of them.” Is only adding fuel to the fire and the domino effect that it sets up could be catastrophic.

Already we are starting to see the backlash from some of these outrageous and irresponsible comments. The threats that are being made by terrorists groups have made it clear that they are targeting the Westerners and plan on attacking many of their popular vacation destinations. Because of this generalization we can no longer assume that by putting a Canadian flag on our luggage is going to protect us any longer. Gone are the days when the enemy made the distinction between who they actually wanted to target.

Cruise ships are already having to make detours to certain ports of call. Like the Celebrity cruise lines, in conjunction with the Global Security team in Miami, had to make the decision not to take passengers to Bali for their own safety. Three hotels targeted on the Ivory Coast leaving 14 tourists and 2 soldiers dead after gunmen opened fire on their beaches. In Thailand, security efforts have been heightened after concurrent attacks at a train station, an army base and a local hospital where 30 gunmen took over the second floor leaving seven injured.

What is happening here will have a profound fall out on many industries as the insurgents become stronger, bigger and gain more power. If travel falls, then those countries that rely on tourism as a major commodity will suffer, their need for resources will diminish and therefore other industries will fall short.

Going forward it will become very important for travelers to choose their destinations wisely. Keep up to date with what is happening in the world news and take the necessary precautions. The world has several safe and beautiful destinations to choose from. Choosing not to travel should not be an alternative. There are many other destinations that can be visited offering the same amenities. Just like the Cruise lines had to make adjustments in their itineraries and choose a non-threatening port, the same would apply to those traveling to other areas that have come under threat.

It is pretty likely that these threats are going to increase and the scope of them will be unpredictable, but we cannot allow them to paralyze us. What we can do is not praise those who speak for their own agenda with little or no regard for the fallout.

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10 Things to Prepare Before Taking a Long Trip

1. Make sure your household bills are up to date

This may sound obvious or even pedantic but you really need to think about something like this. Last year I went on a tour that was 3 weeks. It covered the last 2 weeks of one month and the first week of the next month. Once of my household bills from the first month hadn’t arrived before I left and was delivered whilst I was away. This meant I had no way of paying it for that month. When I got back I was greeted by final demands as this particular authority was known to be ruthless with non-payers.

2. Check your travel and medical Insurance

It is important when going on a long trip you have the correct travel and medical insurance. The last thing you want is to be stuck in another country and something happens you need to produce a credit card to save your life. This also relates to Number 5, if you haven’t told your bank you are going away and you don’t have proper cover you could be in serious trouble. Always travel with adequate travel and medical insurance. A lot of credit companies now offer travel insurance as standard.

3. Share your itinerary with someone

This is important if you are traveling alone. Your loved ones and friends need to know where you are, maybe not all the time, but at least where they can reach you. If something happens back home, you may need to return for an emergency, or there may be some important news they need to tell you. At least if they know your travel plans rather than exact details you will be easier to track down in an emergency situation.

4. Check the Visa and Passport requirements for your destinations or possible destinations

Don’t get to the airport and find they won’t even let you on the plane! This is the reality of what could happen if you don’t have the correct documents. Visa requirements are especially important to avoid unnecessary complications and delays at your destination. Make sure your passport is valid for at least the next 6 months, otherwise a lot of airlines won’t let you travel.

5. Tell your bank where you are going

Even if you are taking travelers checks or cash you should have a back up. The bank needs to know where you may be using your ATM or credit card. Due to cyber fraud nowadays a lot of banks will not allow you to use your cards abroad unless you tell them beforehand. It’s very easily done for most banks through their website. If you don’t tell them, you may end up having your ATM card swallowed by an overseas machine!

6. Organise your ID

What IDs will you need when you travel? Obviously your passport but what about the credit card you booked your flight with? some airlines insist on seeing it before travel. Other IDs could include a driving license if you plan on renting a car or motorbike while traveling. Don’t forget to print all your ticket information and hotel booking vouchers if you have pre-booked them.

7. Set up your phone

If you are planning on taking your phone abroad, beware of costly roaming charges. The best thing is to organize with your phone company beforehand, or better still, get a throwaway SIM card whilst you are there. Most countries have a SIM plan you can get at the larger international airports.

8. Learn a few phrases

Especially important if you are planning to travel a little off the beaten track. Not everywhere is fluent in English, even some larger cities in Asia and Africa you will find little English spoken. Learn a few choice phrases that will come in handy whilst you are there, it will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

9. Have a Plan B

Expect the unexpected on your trip. If you planned to travel to a beach then suddenly find it closed, make sure you don’t arrive at midnight and you have nowhere to stay for the night. Give yourself some room for maneuver. I once got delayed on a flight and found myself in the middle of nowhere at 2am in the morning, the car rental I’d pre-booked had closed so I had no alternative but to find a hotel which wasn’t easy!. If you plan and prepare, try to think of what might happen, just in case.

10. Secure your home

Of course you are going to lock your doors and take the necessary precautions but what about the little things that could cause problems when you get back. Turn off the water and electricity is a good step if you are going away for a long period. Coming back to burst water pipes is not fun at all. I usually disconnect my car battery if I go on a trip longer than a few weeks, the last thing I need is a flat battery when I return.

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Best Time to Travel Is Now

Traveling to South India and want to know the best time of traveling? Well, there is a need to check out about this way before one starts packing. It is because the travelers will be able to pack off their belongings as per the requirement. The traveling to distinct place depends on the weather conditions, which should be considered immensely for the betterment of holidaying experience. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh tend to form the Southern Continent of India. The traveler willing to check out these places ought to be familiar with climatic conditions allowing them to make preparations according to it.

Talking about the weather of Kerala, it is hot and humid in summers as well as pleasant in winters. Famed as the God’s Own Country, to visit Kerala, time period of September to March is the ideal season. The reason behind this fact is that the temperature is said to be exceptionally pleasant and comfortable. Generally stating, the summer season starts from March and remains till May, which is characterized by hot climatic conditions. Now, considering the monsoons, the reason remains between June and August because of Kerala’s positioning near the tropics. Indeed, visiting in the monsoon season is said to be perfect for those, who are willing to indulge or pamper themselves with exotic Ayurvedic Massages having therapeutic effect.

Kerala acts as the majestic heaven for tourists, who want to experience the richness of culture, pristine backwaters and seaside breather. Likewise to any other destination, deciding over the good time for exploring Kerala depends on a wide selection of aspects, involving the personal preferences of specific visitors. Kerala has an extensive variety of sightseeing options that allow the tourists to enjoy in abundance. Be it lazing around on the beach or enjoying vibrant traditions in temples or admiring the rich natural beauty at hill stations, Kerala has a lot to offer to its tourists. The beauty of the place can be explored at any time as the plan is made because the aura of magnificence lies in the most scenic areas of the state. Its majestic glory of nature is simply awe-inspiring.

Concerned with the temperature, it falls on the average warmer side. At the time of winter season, the temperatures tend to showcase a stable downfall making it the excellent time slot to visit Karnataka. The peak season for Karnataka travel is from October to March, covering the post-monsoon and winter seasons, as the climate is generally pleasant over the entire State. The brief winter period does not result in harsh cold weather making it the ideal time to visit Karnataka. On the other hand if you are planning to catch a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna of Karnataka wildlife sanctuaries, schedule your trip during the monsoon season from May to September. The nature has shown its brilliance in the Karnataka state, which has always attracted tourists towards its magnificence.

On planning to visit Karnataka, one should check out a variety of websites explaining the weather conditions. In this way, the visitors can make the preparations as per the city to b travelled. Like in summers, light cotton clothes can be taken; while, the winters tend to call for heavy woollens. But, one thing is sure in entire South India that the winters are never too chilly. They are always pleasant and slightly cold in the night time. Another destination to check out is Tamil Nadu, which is famous for its pristine natural beauty. Stated to be generally tropical, it tends to support fairly hot temperature with mildness experienced only in monsoon. This makes it possible for the tourists to enjoy the exoticness of Tamil Nadu at its best in winters. With cool breeze blowing and climatic conditions to be pleasant, the ideal time to check out this place is winters only because monsoons tends to get a bit messy sometimes.

And now the turn comes of Andhra Pradesh, which is a bustling metro city exhibiting perfect amalgamation traditional environs and the developing modernism. Here, the summer is tracked by the rainy season that happens to initiate in the month of July and stays till September. This season is characterized by thick tropical rainfalls in Andhra Pradesh. The chief role in defining the climatic conditions of the state is featured by South-West Monsoons. Mainly, the climate is sad to be hot and humid with summer season falling between March and June. In this way, the best time to visit Andhra Pradesh is winters.

In order to plan out a visit to any city in South India, there is a need for the traveler to check out some websites for the information on climatic conditions. In this manner, they will be able to make preparations and not get stuck in the wrong season. Basically, holidays are meant to relax or feel elated and not get troubled because of wrong things getting packed. Obviously, no one would like to undergo any kind of hassle in the vacation time. This is the reason that knowing about climatic conditions well beforehand is surely a benefit.

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Best Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Traveling opens up your mind to the outer world. The more one travels, more experience one gains and wiser he becomes. However, all this is applicable when one has already traveled quite a bit. Traveling for the first time is definitely a jittery experience for the traveler. There are innumerable things that need to be considered for undertaking a trip and making it successful.

Mentioned below find some extremely useful travel tips for first time travelers so that the trip remains memorable and hassle-free:


• Keeping travel documents in place – Ensure that you have your passport in place with more than 6 months of validity in place. Arrange for a suitable visa or permit if needed. Book discount business class flights for traveling comfortably and saving money at the same time.

• Pack less – Clothes, shoes, cosmetics should be packed as less as possible. Baggage allowance is restricted. Why pay more money for carrying things you would probably not need? However, make sure to carry good amounts of undergarments as you might not always get a chance of washing them always. Carry band-aids, Imodium and Aspirin.

• Chargers and memory cards – Your electronic devices like mobile, iPad, the tab and even the camera will need charging. Bring respective chargers. Also carry extra memory cards for the camera as you might need it.

• Currency – If you are traveling in your own country, there is no need for currency change. But in case of an international trip, keep some exchanged currency handy.

During travel and transit

• Reach airport early – Airports might not be the best places to hangout, but it is good to be early than being late. Don’t panic during security checks – you are not carrying a bomb with you. Try and have a good meal before the flight as airport prices are exorbitant.

• Relax on the flight – With discount business class seat, relax on the flight. Get an earplug or an eye mask if you want to catch up on some sleep. To remain entertained bring an iPod, a novel, a pack of cards or anything that interests you.

• Setting time as per destination time zone – If the distance is a long one, chances of jet lag are high. Setting time as per destination time zone will help you in getting sleep at the right time so that you feel less jet lagged.

• Cooperate with border officials – This is important. Answer all asked questions truthfully. But do not go overboard with volunteering. Less is more in this regard.

On reaching the destination

• Be polite and courteous – On reaching the new destination, it is always good to be polite and courteous to people you meet. If language is a barrier, ask in signs. Most of the people will help you.

• Avail local transportation while traveling – Hiring a car will not give you the real sense of the place. To get the actual flavor, avail local transportation. With this, you can save money as well as experience the place from close quarters. You can also interact with the commoners via the journey.

• Keep money and valuables in a safe place – At the first place, it is recommended not to carry any kinds of valuables on the trip. However, you will carry some cash for sure. Keep it hidden in some safe place or even better carry it with you. Just don’t keep on checking that to draw public attention.

• Enjoy local foods, drinks and culture – Now that you are on a vacation, you will not get everything like home. Try various kinds of local foods and drinks. Try food stalls that sell authentic and fresh local food. Such foods are fresh and cheaper when compared to foods in big restaurants.

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